This website is a redesigned and expanded version of "Nicolas Magriel's Sarangi Site" which I created rather idiosyn-cratically in 1997 during the internet's early days. The site is dedicated to the sarangi and the many sarangi players whom I have had the good fortune to know. On this site you can find:

The sarangi (सारंगी) is the most important bowed instrument of South Asian art music. Its name is widely believed to mean "a hundred colours" indicating its adaptability to a wide range of musical styles, its flexible pitch, and its ability to produce a large palette of tonal colour and rich emotional nuance.

Nicolas Magriel has been playing the sarangi since 1970. He has spent around twelve years in India studying the sarangi and Hindustani vocal music and also doing research on Indian music. During the 1980s he performed widely in Britain and in Europe both as a soloist and as an accompanist to Hindustani vocal music and kathak dance.