Farukh Khan, sarangi player

Farukh Khan is the only one of Abdul Latif Khan's four son's who took up the sarangi—after witnessing his father's new-found stardom at the Sarangi Mela of 1989. Farukh Khan was just a few years older than Abdul Latif Khan's grandson Sarwar Hussain. He had a rough ride in his youth, being somewhat overshadowed by his precocious nephew. Although he was an idle and distracted youngster, preoccupied with musicianly appearance (fancy kurtas and nice hairstyle) and not overly concerned with music itself, he has grown into a highly-praised player—evidence for the power of "music in the blood".

The video below is from 13 March, 1995. Farukh, on a visit to my flat in Bhopal, plays my sarangi. He played rag Bageshri followed by the famous—and at the time controversial—film song "ckole ke piche" (under your sari blouse).




The next video shows Farukh Khan accompanying his brother the tabla player Nafiz Ahmed Khan at a concert at the Bhopal District Superintendent of Police's house.