Ghulam Mohammed was 18 when I met him at the house of his teacher and maternal grandfather Ustad Siddiqi Ahmed Khan in Delhi in 1996. He learnt sarangi from both Siddiqi Ahmed and from his son Ghulam Sabir Khan. He was always humble, bright-eyed and amiable. The video recordings here are from two visits, two years apart.

First listen to Ghulam Mohammed playing Shri rag in October 1996. His Ustad, Siddiqi Ahmed Khan looks on. Ghulam Mohammed was clearly imbibing Siddiqi Ahmed Khan's ponderous no-nonsense alap style. After the alap, he playes a drut bandish and tans, exhibitting a powerful dry tan style.





Then we have rag Lalit from September 1998. This is followed by a short exposition of Sarasvati which morphs into a rare rag whose name I do now know—a mixture of Sarasvati and Shuddh Sarang taught, from his bed, by Siddiqi Ahmed Khan (then in his eightees).


I hope to be able to upload contemporary recordings of Ghulam Mohammed eventually.