Ustad Moinuddin Khan (not to be confused with Ustad Moinuddin Khan of Hyderabad) is the son of Ustad Mehboob Khan—who appears to have been an unacknowledged teacher of Pandit Ram Narayan. Moinuddin Khan also learned from his grandfather (nana)  Ustad Khwaja Bakhsh. Moinuddin Khan was employed at the Jaipur Kathak Kendra and as a staff artist of All India Radio Jaipur.

I worked with Moinuddin Khan and his family in March 1997. The pleasure of hearing his children sing was one of my first inspirations for the Growing into Music project. Talking with his mother was also a great inspiration.




The first group of videos is from a visit  30 March, 1997. The first thing he played was an unaccompanied demonstration of rag Nat Bhairav. It includes an interesting sequence of tans:


This was followed by tuning and talking:


next I listened to Moinuddin Khan playing rag Patdeep accompanied by his son on tabla:


Our final offering from this visit is an interview with Moinuddin Khan's elderly mother, the widow of Ustad Mehboob Khan: