Qadir Khan, sarangi player Qadir Hussain Khan, the son of Nazar Hussain Khan and grandson of Chote Khan (of which there have been several) is a staff artist at All India Radio, Bhopal. His father considered himself identified with the Sonipat gharana, having learned from Badal Khan of that gharana.The first time I went to Nazar Hussain's house in Bhopal (9 April, 1995), Nazar Hussain was feeling infirm, so I recorded only Qadir Khan. He demonstrated many rags with considerable energy. But this session was typical of many I have had with younger sarangi players that are determined to show off their speed, but don't necessarily have anything to say musically. I'm sure Kadirji will have deepened and be truly swimming in the samundra (ocean) of music by now.

We begin with the sweet evening rag Maru Bihag:




Then Madhukauns, including interesting tan and bandish demonstration. The rag drifts into Surti Vardani in places.


Then a short demonstration of a ghazal, sung and played:


Next rag the rainy-season rag Miyanki Malhar, mostly bowed sargam tans:


Now another great rainy-season rag Megh, mostly showing off tans:


And then a quick excursion into rag Yaman: