Ustad Ramzan Khan of Jaipur is an ourstanding Sikar gharana sarangi player who, unlike Sultan Khan, Liaqat Khan and Munir Khan, didn't make it out of Rajasthan. So he remained relatively unknown. When I met him he was retired from his job as a staff artist at All India Radio, Jaipur. He was very friendly and encouraging of my efforts, But he was bitter about the plight of sarangi and was adamant that he would not teach his sons sarangi—vocal and tabla yes—but never sarangi. I was very impressed by the quality of vocal nuance he was teaching his 10-year-old son Farukh.



The first three videos below are from my first visit on 30 March, 1997. Ramzan Khan started with rag Puriya Dhanashri. I followed on my sarangi.


Next we had some conversation:


Then Ramzan Khan played the Mand, beloved in Rajasthan, "kesari na baalam"