Ramesh Mishra is one of the most outstanding living sarangi players of the Banaras gharana. For many years he has lived mostly in New York, putting him out-of-play in the Indian market. His excellent accompaniment is missed, especially in Calcutta where he was born and lived most of his life. His sweet sarangi playing can be heard on many recordings of the great Girija Devi. His sarangi makes a very distinctive impression—painted with white gloss paint all over.



The video below is from a visit to my place in London on 6 July, 1998. He played the famous Rajasthani mand "Kesari na baalam"—with my sub-standard tabla accompaniment. Of note is that he played in thath style—with the middle string tuned to Sa, with the sarangi tuned extremely high: F#, C#, F#.