Ustad Roshan Ali Khan, a superb sarangi player from Bihar, was living in Calcutta where he was a staff artist at All India Radio, Calcutta, when I met him in July 1997.  I filmed him and also his lessons to his young children who were among the stars of my early efforts at making films about musical enculturation.

Born in Patna in 1944, Roshan Ali Khan is the son of the tabla player Mohammed Dilavar Khan. He learned sarangi from his maternal grandfather Ata Hussain Khan, the son of one Bahadur Khan.

The first videos below are from a visit to his flat in Calcutta on July 18, 1997





The first piece is rag Patdeep, preceded by tuning:


Followed by a hori in rag Kafi:


Followed by thumri-style Bhairavi: